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About me

This is my family, my husband Boris and our son Jack.

I used to work in the Spa industry and my husband on private yachts in Fort Lauderdale where we live. Since his job was involved in a lot of traveling, after we had Jack, I was looking for ways how to have a better schedule to work around our family. My job, that required late nights, weekends and holidays was not an option that would work any more. After we exhausted our families who were flying over from Europe to help us watch our son, I had to find a different option.

I decided to go back to school to do medical coding and I started working in that field beginning of 2016. Monday through Friday, took a huge pay cut, but had a better schedule. That wasn’t great either, because I would leave my son in daycare at 7am to go pick him up at 6pm, sometimes even a few minutes later. I would often cry on my way home thinking he is there all day, and often last kid to be picked up. With our finances melting away and both of us working a lot, I was hoping for a new solution. And in October of 2016 my friend from London, UK called me about this opportunity, and it changed my life.

Now i see a brighter future and lifestyle I always wanted for my family.I work from home, get to spend more time with my son and my husband. We travel like we always wanted. I am helping other people achieve this type of freedom too.